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  • “With the stress it created, I used to want to stay home in bed on picture day. But ever since we changed over to, it's just like any other school day.”
    -   Darlene Sensoli, Principal's Secretary, Garden City, MI
  • “I was skeptical at first, but when I received a check for four times more than from our previous vendor, I was a true believer. This has provided us the opportunity to enhance the learning for our students, beyond what would normally have been available to them.”
    -   Mike Perez, Middle School Principal, Adrian, MI
  • “My secretary and teaching staff have never been so complimentary of a vendor in our building.”
    -   Dr. Tim Falls, Intermediate School Principal, Novi, MI
  • “It was refreshing to see an order form I could easily understand... and with lower prices than I was used to paying.”
    -   Meg Stenger, Parent, Birmingham, MI
  • “The mission of is truly visionary.”
    -   Rita Traynor, Asst. Superintendent (Ret), Novi, MI

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