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Our Schools Don't Think So...

After years of redefining the school pictures business, we have become very efficient as a company: faster, more accurate service with lower company overhead. As a result, we can pass those financial benefits to schools and student's families.

We have developed our “Superiority Triangle” not just as an icon, but as a way of doing business. We believe no other school picture company — local or national — can match our triangle.


SchoolPictures Quality, Value, and Service Triangle





I don't normally do advertisements but this is one I can whole heartily support! In the past we have used Life Touch and/or Jostens for our school pictures and yearbook. This year we took a leap of faith with a new group, Skip Cerier, owner and school supporter, came to the district with an alternative reward program.

He basically said that we could keep the 60% profit as opposed to the picture company. His staff did everything, including touch-ups, marketing, and budgeting. Most of it is done on-line. The pictures were the best ever and our parents and students have been very pleased. In addition, we made four times the money. My secretary and teaching staff have never been so complimentary.

Tim Falls
Novi Meadows School


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