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OUR COMPANY is a Michigan-based school portrait company that provides high-quality photography services with the goal of generating money for schools and serving the academic community. Since our founding in 2005, we've presented schools with more than $9.1 million, all while reducing pricing to families and taking the headache out of Picture Days for administrators, parents and students.

We take pride in helping schools meet their varying student portrait requirements and are committed to making school Picture Days as stress-free and beneficial as possible. Our professional, efficient photographers, and our online ordering system, makes it easy for parents to purchase photos, virtually eliminates administrative efforts for schools and make school Picture Days a breeze. Further, our unique business model enables us to accept a fixed fee for each photo package purchased and donate the remainder of the cost of the package directly back to the school.

In addition to student portrait packages, we offer school IDs, group photos, band and sports photos, graduation photography services and customized yearbooks, making an all-in-one photo partner throughout the school year.

From our high-quality products and top-notch customer service, to our company-wide commitment to helping schools improve the academic environment for students, is proud to support education one smile at a time.

Our mission is to relieve a small portion of the increasing financial burden put upon school administration and ultimately improve the academic environment for students.