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HISTORY is the newest division of a 40 year-old special events photography firm that works closely with Michigan schools and has photographed more than 3 million Michigan students, in addition to more than 6,000 class panoramic group portraits.

In 2005, the company's president and longtime photographer, Skip Cerier, was alarmed by the reductions in his own child's school district in the arts, music and teaching support services, and he learned school finance reform issues were escalating in Michigan.

After realizing that teachers in his daughter's school district were annually spending more than $750 from their own pockets on basic school supplies, Cerier sought the advice of four retired school principals to assist in building a business with a mission to augment funding for the very schools that had been his clients for more than three decades.

Using his creativity and building on the experience and valuable insights of the advising principals, Cerier developed an unprecedented business model for school portraits that enables him to create stress-free Picture Days for administrators and parents and continues to generate thousands of dollars for each of the schools with which his company works.

In our first 13 years has contributed more than $9.1 Million to Michigan schools.

Following the success of the model in Michigan, in 2010 began to offer its unique expertise to other photographic partners throughout the country, so they too can use the philanthropic business model to benefit their own local schools.